4 Great Yoga Poses For The Fall

Every season brings unique needs for our bodies and our minds. Yogis tend to harness that energy as the season changes, bringing a new sense of playfulness into their practice and giving their bodies what they ultimately need. Our minds are equally important, with many struggling to find focus and joy in the day-to-day activities of a frantic lifestyle. For many yogis, autumn is a wonderful time to practice grounding themselves right before the rush of the holiday season ahead. 

With that in mind, what poses can you bring to your mat to get the most out of this season and satisfy your body and your mind? 

  • Half Lord Of The Fishes

The chill in the air is sometimes a great opportunity to begin detoxifying our bodies before winter sets in. Twists allow us to wring out the organs and energy that flow through the body and reenergize us. Half lord of the fishes allows you to ground down through your sit bones, twist, and lengthen through the spine all at once. 

  • Goddess

What’s better for colder weather than a practice that encourages you to build some necessary heat? The goddess pose is an ideal choice for a fall yoga practice because it forces you to focus as you hover in this pose. It is great for putting the focus to the breath while you ground down through all four corners of the feet. It brings your awareness into some parts of the body that are otherwise forgotten and encourages strength building all around. 

  • Warrior II

Sinking into a deep warrior II stance is one of the best practices to bring to your mat in the fall season. Much like the goddess pose, this warrior stance calls you to ground down through both your front and back feet while gazing intensely ahead of you. It’s great for bringing awareness to the future and for balancing the body. Hold this pose just a few breaths longer during the fall than you might otherwise consider doing. 

  • Child’s Pose

Sometimes, we just need to take a rest from the hustle of the holidays, the school schedule, or the demands of our job as fall arrives. The child’s pose offers an opportunity for a silent reflection while remaining connected to the earth. Spread your knees as wide as the mat and allow the big toes to touch for a deeper stretch through the hips, bringing your belly and forehead closer to the mat. It should bring you one step closer to being more grounded for the remainder of the season. 

Be sure to listen to the needs of your body and your mind as the seasons begin to change. It may be a good time to evaluate which elements of your yoga practice are crucial and which ones may need to change just for a little while to help you regain your focus and your joy. Have compassion with yourself as you work through these changes to bring more contentment into your life.