How to Have the Fittest Summer of Your Life

Stepping into the summer fit and prepared is the ultimate of feelings. I mean, being fit for winter is not bad either, but for the obvious clothes-less season, it makes you feel much more empowered in your body is in shape and strong.

Here’s a checklist to having more successful and also fun fitness routines.

Grab your friends. 

Having accountability partners, for most of us, is key. You possibly work towards the same fitness goals and can share with each other how different workouts and types of foods make you feel. You can help get the kinks out of your body as well. Having someone to share these things with and possibly experiencing the same doesn’t hurt.

Find workouts either online or at local studios that make you feel good and empowered and have uplifting trainers who know how to give constructive criticism.

Get your pantries cleaned. 

By clean I don’t mean that you eat all the sugars in one sitting. Nix the foods that you know don’t serve your goals and fill their spaces with healthy alternatives. Prepare yourself a big veggie basket. I know from my experience that changing from eating tons of fruits to eating more veggies helped improve my digestion, keeps sugar levels in check and carries the same amount of energy throughout the day without major jumps and crashes. Prepare yourself meal plans and grocery lists and dedicate a couple of hours each week to prepare whatever foods you can in advance so when hunger strikes in the middle of any day, you have healthy options ready.

Prepare a space where you’ll work out. 

You don’t need much equipment but a comfortable yoga mat. Possibly, you’ll need a set of light and a bit heavier dumbbells, a resistance band, a towel, and a water bottle. Once you have that small area ready, you might as well put it to good use. I know my next investment will most probably be a foam roller. I have grown to love stretching so much because I see unbelievable results from being persistent at it.

Make a place that is only yours. 

I get it, you have your end of the bed, your cubicle, and if you’re lucky, your own vanity in the bathroom. But make another place where you can go throughout the day and detox from everything else and make a sacred meditation to yourself. It can be a cushion in the corner where you do your meditation routines. Make it your own by bringing in some of your favorite art pieces, scents, and inspirational quotes.

Prepare your favorite workout clothes. 

Think of what tops make you feel the prettiest and what leggings hug your thighs the nicest. Put them in the center of your wardrobe. Prepare your workout shoes, or maybe, it’s time for a new pair. Treat yourself to a little something that will make you move that pretty toosh of yours.

Extra tips 

Make playlists of songs that motivate you to work that much harder at every set of exercises you’re doing.

Don’t forget to hydrate. I have mentioned earlier to have a water bottle on hand. Hydration is moreover the key to healthy, young, and fresh-looking skin.

Know that as many good things you’re going to put into and on your body, the good things will return to you.