Yoga at Your Desk

Here are some quick exercises you can do at work at your desk or even at the lunch table. These stretches can easily be done anywhere and are great to do every hour. You can practice one or two of these yoga stretches or do all of them!

Shoulder Rolls

Sitting on a chair, roll your shoulders backward. Make big circles with your shoulder. Loosen this shoulder area. 

Then repeat rolling the shoulders forward.

Hand Stretch

Interlace your fingers, and on the exhale flip the hands and push away from you about shoulder level. Make sure to keep the shoulders dropped. Work the fingers by pressing them and feeling a stretch in the palms. Begin breathing longer and deeper into the belly. This will help increase your energy flow. 

Inhale, lift your arms straight up above you, with fingers still interlaced. Soften the shoulders so the lift is not too much. Keep pressing the palms up, lengthening the sides of the body. Soften the ribs if they have begun to stick out. Lengthen the spine here as well. 

Exhale, release the arms down. 

Arm Stretch

You can do this stretch sitting or briefly stand up for this exercise. If you are sitting it is best to sit at the edge of your chair so you have room to stretch your arms behind you.

Interlace the hands behind the back and draw your arms back. Then, lift your arms up as far as you can go. 

Release the hands and interlace them the other direction so that the other thumb is now in front of the clasp. Open the chest and draw the shoulders back as you lift the arms once more. Release the hands.

Ear to Shoulder Stretch 

On the inhale, drop your left ear to the left shoulder. You should feel a stretch on the right side of your neck. Stay here for a moment. To intensify that stretch you can extend your right arm out. This is excellent if you have strain from repetitive motions in your work routine. Release the head and arm back.

Repeat on the other side. Bring your right ear to the right shoulder. Keep your chest open and extend your left arm, dropping the left shoulder. Observe where the tension is and roll the head to stretch that tense area accordingly. Finally, come back to the center, releasing the head and arm back.

Seated Pigeon Pose Hip Stretch

Bring your right ankle across the left knee. Flex your foot. Make sure to rotate your thigh outward in the pose. Inhale and lengthen the backup. 

Exhale, bend forward. Feel the stretch in the outer hip. Make sure you don’t feel a strain in the outer knee. Keep the foot flexed which protects your knees.
Inhale, come back up and repeat on the other side. Only stretch forward as far as feels right for your body.

Doing these yoga stretches at your desk will help you connect with the body, release stress, and re-energize for the rest of your day!